Sonora Second Chance Smile

Dr. Dave is proud to announce Tom McMullen as the 2015-16 Second Chance Smile recipient.  Dr. Dave and the Sonora Smiles staff donate their time and dental skills to benefit a community member who they have chosen to receive a full mouth makeover.  Let us introduce, Tom McMullen.






McMullen was born inNew Jersey and moved to Livermore, California when he was 5.  At the age of 17, he dropped out of high school to join the Marines from 1973 to 1977.  After being discharged from the military, Tom drove to Sonora to visit his parents and fell in love with the area.  Six months later he and his dog hitch hiked back to Sonora and have made this their home for 39 years.  After moving to Sonora, Tom began working in the construction industry building custom homes.  It became a passion for him and he diligently worked to become a Master Carpenter.  Over the years he has graciously offered his time and skill set to young men beginning their careers in carpentry.  Tom is a kind, giving individual who asks for nothing in return.

    A while back, Tom and his dog, Rowdy, would frequent the Jamestown park where he noticed the gazebo rotting away.  He thought to himself, "I'd really like to restore the gazebo so others can enjoy it."  Then, on one of his walks with Rowdy, he noticed a few Lion's Club members volunteering in the park and soon learned they were planning on restoring the old gazebo.  Tom volunteered his skills to help in the restoration.  He volunteered over 550 hours, working 7 days a week, 10 hours a day for three months to have it completed on schedule.  It is beautifully restored and now he is happy to watch all of the people enjoy the historical piece of craftsmanship for years to come.

    Tom has a love for carpentry, but he said his greatest joy has come from the dogs he has had as companions throughout his life.  They accompanied him to work daily and made him smile everyday.  

Tom is currently donating his time to another community project.  We are grateful to have a giving and talented person such as Tom as a part of our community.  Thank you, Tom.  
Dr. Dave is happy to have chosen such a wonderful person for the Second Chance Smile Makeover.  

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